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Trinity Paranormal Society

Glendale, AZ 85301

Contact Name Dean Goodman
Phone 623-755-5502
Email Email
Founder Dean Goodman
Year Founded 2010
Number of Members 10
Areas Served 
Phoenix Metro

We are a group of researchers, in the field of paranormal studies in AZ. known as TRINITY PARANORMAL SOCIETY OF ARIZONA As part of our ongoing education, we must coordinate our research efforts on historical sites, including cemeteries, churches, park lands, private homes, business's, etc. We seek locutions for us to have access for 1 (ONE) evening, it would be after regular business hours, for a duration of 6-8 hours, from Closing until 4-6 am, in order to conduct the following field investigation. The following tools are what we use during an investigation. 1. Photography, digital, and infrared, video recording, (location will not be identified). 2. A small tape recording unit, for documentation and EVP's of our efforts 3. A few other tools, such as flashlights (for obvious reasons), compass, and glow sticks for emergency. Light source, and, spare batteries and tapes, as backup, and a small hand-held electric field sensing device, as well as a notebook to record the steps as we go through them.

We understand, and fully respect that we will be on private property at all times, and all due consideration will be given, so that no damage come to any part of your property. If through accident, or neglect on our part we do cause damage, we will repay your organization in full for the cost of repairing it.

We each have the utmost respect and solemnly promise there will be no intoxicant consumption, horseplay, or any other disagreeable conduct, just the research as mentioned above will be done, for the duration permitted, and on the agreed site(s). We will also notify the appropriate division of Metro Police of the date and time of our study, so that there won't be a false alarm. We agree that we undertake this research at our own risk, and understand that your organization is not responsible for any injury or damage to the team members or their instruments, while on your property. We agree to conduct the entire study out of view of passerby, and the general public, so as not to arouse their interest. Please give us your consideration, in this matter, if you require any other conditions to be met, we will accommodate them into our proposal, and sign to it. The other team members will disclose their names and contact information, and sign to your terms as well, on the date of the study. We will also provide ID, upon requested.

Dean Goodman, Director, and Founder of Trinity Paranormal Society of Arizona "We are a Non-Profit Organization"

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