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Untitled Paranormal Investigators

Tooele, UT 84074

Contact Name Derek VonHatten
Phone 435-840-0715
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Derek VonHatten
Year Founded 2007
Number of Members 4
Areas Served 
All of Utah and the surrounding states. Mostly Nevada and Idaho, Arizona and Colorado are a long ways for us to go.

We investigate all aspects of the Paranormal. We go to great lengths to capture evidence of what it is we investigate.

Many People ask us, why untitled? The reason we use untitled in our name is we don't want to be seen as an organization that just investigates claims of ghosts, we investigate all claims of the paranormal. We research claims, such as bigfoot, UFO's, and any others. We do not remove ghosts, our groups main goal is to collect evidence and bring the paranormal to the world. If someone wants to contact us, we want you to feel totally comfortable with what we do. When we recieve a request for an investigation, we set a date that will work with the clients schedule. When the date arrives to investigate the property we meet up with the client at the location. We will need the property to ourselves for at least four hours at night, and won't be done till at least 3 am, but if the investigation is being productive it can last till morning. If the owner needs to be back in their home or property at a certain time we will work with them. Through the night we set up our equipment; IR Lights, Voice Recorders, Camera's, and EMF detectors. We then proceed to investigate the various claims by tring to find any explanation to the claim, if we can't find a reason we then try to find anything paranormal, by asking questions, taunting, etc. After the investigation we review all the evidence over a week or more. If we find something we create a customized DVD just for the owner of the property. We show and explain what we catch to the best of our ability. We will only publish what we find on the internet with the owners consent. If the owner wants all the evidence to be confidential that is totally fine. If we have permission to publish our findings without revealing the location of the property that is also an option. Why we started UPI: My fiance, Kristina Niles, the Co-Founder, and I, Derek VonHatten, the Founder, started the organization after our own personal experiences. You can read about our own experiences in our personal section on the web site. We started to investigate cemeteries and ghost towns in early 2007, with another friend of ours, Marcus Lemmon, now a UPI member, we would go for hours with nothing more than a tape recorder. Then in College, Kristina and I decided, why not use our skills to help people and the paranormal field. From that came the name UPI, after filtering through many choices and other names we decided UPI was the best. Once the name came, we then proceeded to buy equipment and establish ourselves on the web and in the community. The one main thing about UPI, is we are normal people, we like to get to know our clients, and hopfully make a long time friend in the process. UPI is always available to our clients, no matter the the day or time. We like to have fun on our investigations, but we still act in a professional way. When you contact UPI, you will get to know everyone there as a person and not just another team walking into your home.

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