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The V2 Project

Marikina City, National Capital Region 1811

Contact Name Adam Reyes / Paul Marasigan
Phone 639392905454
Alternate Phone 639062080927
Fax +6325140503
Email Email
Facebook Facebook
Founder Paul Reyes and Adam Reyes
Year Founded 1972
Number of Members 59
Areas Served 
Philippines - National Capital Region

*With transportation handling, lodging, and food/resources supply from client,

Anywhere in the world.

1. Human Development

2. Paranormal Phenomena

3. Supernatural Phenomena

4. Fortean Phenomena

5. Non-Terestrial Phenomena

6. Psionic Warfare

The V2 Project is first and foremost a human development program, and secondarily a public service with regard to the Paranormal.

We only charge for our services if Mass Media Distribution is involved, but otherwise investigate, research, and give lectures for free - purely for the sake of knowledge, exploration, and the adventure.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not a "purely" science team because Science is only part of the bigger picture. We study everything, we analyze everything, we leave no stone untouched.

We are here to serve and protect primarily the general public of the Philippines and secondarily the rest of humanity with our research.

In this light, we will not hesitate to expose, debunk, discredit and Obliterate any self-proclaimed "Paranormal Experts," "Gurus," or groups that either intentionally prey on the innocence and/or ignorance of the masses with regard to things paranormal for their personal gain, or do so unintentionally with their own stupidity and lack of formal training.

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